The Spoken Word: Accurate Court Reporters

The Spoken Word: Accurate Court Reporters

Accurate Court Reporters


The Importance of Being Accurate Every Time

He away sped colliding after into my car.

That sentence is an important one and it can potentially be a deciding factor in a personal injury case. A person driving one car hit another car. Not only that, but he sped away after doing so! There is a huge problem with that sentence explaining this monumental event, however. The sentence is undeniably wrong! This sentence should read: He sped away after colliding into my car. Realistically, the importance of making sure that this sentence is produced accurately is just as important (if not more important) than the way that it is said when a victim is giving a statement about the event that took place.

Court reporting is a cornerstone of any case, no matter what type of case is being heard. Realistically, court reporting can be traced back throughout our legal history stemming back to the times where one person accused another of stealing a simple apple during the Middle Ages. While the laws have quite obviously changed during those times, the concept of the importance of the spoken word and making sure that it is recording correctly certainly has not. Whether a person is testifying in front of a judge or giving a deposition, the words that are spoken during that time always weigh heavy on any case. The need for court reporting is simple and straightforward: it is impossible to be able to remember every single word that was spoken and those words must be recorded to either prove a case in the moment or to be able to look back on those words to change a case.

While there have been tremendous developments in technology when it comes to being able to record a deposition or testimony, it is understandable that many attorneys still feel most comfortable having the written words of a witness or expert in front of them. For example, an attorney could physically be present for a testimony where an answer is given and not give it a second thought in the moment. They could even re-watch the testimony a number of times and still not pick up on an important element that was said. However, one night, while sitting at their desk reading over the transcripts of the testimony, suddenly something jumps out at them that could potentially be a game changer! Imagine how quickly things could change, however, if that line was recorded via audio but not accurately typed out!

The certified court reporters of Taylor & Friedberg pride themselves on accuracy, speed and quality. Taylor & Friedberg understands how each and every case is important and that one simple mistake could potentially make or break your case. Taylor & Friedberg knows how important every word is and makes a promise to each client to provide you with precise and on-time transcripts for each and every case. Please call us today to find out more about our various services at (973) 285-9690 or visit our website at

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