Court Reporters & The Technology They Use

Court Reporters & The Technology They Use


Court Reporting


New Changes in Technology Changes the Face of Court Reporting

In today’s day and age, technology is ever changing. It is simply a fact of life. While there are certain base aspects that will never change, the integration of evolving technology seems to seep into every corner of our life including the field of court reporting. The law field, in many ways, prides itself on tradition and sticking to a time honored system of certain things taking place through cases at a certain time. In order to have any case develop, it is necessary to have testimony of witnesses and experts. Transcription of this testimony would potentially become the cornerstone of any case. Court reporters are given the responsibility of making sure that every word is taken down.  A person generally makes an appearance at a predetermined location in order to be able to give their testimony. However, thanks to the development of technology, there are now additional alternatives for where to give testimony that is more convenient and cost effective for all parties involved.

Video Teleconferencing:

Video teleconferencing is an alternative for conducting depositions that has now become cost effective. Imagine, for example, if there was a pending case in New Jersey; however, your star witness was located in Florida. This witness could make or break your case and it was of vital importance that they give testimony where you wanted to conduct the proceedings while observing the witness, not just listening on a speakerphone. Prior to being able to use technology such as Remote Counsel or Courtroom Connect, a witness would have to give testimony with a court reporter sitting right next to him or her, taking down every word and all interested parties present in one location. Today, court reporters are able to provide an alternative option in many cases that allows the testator to give testimony from a place of personal comfort if they are unable to appear at an assigned location.  Additionally, due to inclement weather adjournments are no longer necessary. In turn, court reporters are able to transcribe testimony.

Cloud Technology:

Another form of technology that is available today is the use of cloud technology.  This technology allows clients to be able to log in through a website or portal and be able to utilize exhibits while at the convenience of their own home or office. This type of technology allows a client to be able to sit and take notes and possibly come across a finding that had been previously missed, which could potentially make or break a case!

The Certified Court Reporters of Taylor & Friedberg, LLC have the ability to offer both of these valuable options to their clients. Taylor & Friedberg understands how important it is to make sure that every word is accurate and accessible to their clients. We understand that sometimes location can be an issue and the importance of being able to provide crucial and accurate information while saving you time and money.

Please call our office today at (973) 285-0411 to discuss our litigation support options, including but not limited to videoteleconferencing and cloud document management solutions.

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